Friday, May 12th (2017)

We were saddened to learn that one of our own, Stan, was in the hospital with a serious infection. After praying for Stan, reading our Bibles, and praying we headed out for the night. This night saw us go to our local fishing hole the Tyler Mall. We also had a first time participant, Sue, join us on this night!

The first conversation was with John, Alexis, and Luis. I asked them the million dollar question after handing them the million dollar bill – “Will you go to heaven when you die?” They all sat for a moment before answering “heaven.” I asked them why and they told me because “we are good people.” I then asked them if I could ask them a few questions to see if that was true of them (that they were “good”). I asked them if they had ever told a lie, stolen, looked with lust, blasphemed, been jealous or greedy, and if they had ever worshiped something/someone other than the God of the Bible. They had done all of those things. I asked them “Do you think God is letting you into heaven with all of this sin?” They said “no.” I then asked them if they wanted to know how God could forgive them and wash their sin away (in order to let them in) – they said “yes.” So I told them the greatest news ever – that Jesus died on the cross for their sins, was buried in a tomb, and rose again on the 3rd day and that this risen Jesus offers them eternal life if they repent and believe in Him for salvation. They seemed like they were listening, but when I asked them “What’s holding you back from putting your faith and trust in this Jesus?” they didn’t have much to say. Usually that means that there is a sin in their life that they love more than the idea of trusting in Christ. Nevertheless, please pray for them!

The next conversation was with two guys named Jose and Daniel. They both were from a catholic background, but when I asked them if they had ever been born again they didn’t know what I was talking about. When I asked them if their Catholicism was “a family thing or a hardcore faith thing?” they told me that it was a “family thing.” I asked them if they had kept the 10 commandments to which they said “I’m not sure.” So we went through a few of the commandments – lying, theft, adultery of the heart, and blasphemy. They had done all 4 of those things. I asked them “Keeping in mind that you are professing liars, thieves, blasphemers, and adulterers at heart, do you think that God will let you into His heaven when you die?”  Their heads kind of sunk as the gravity of that thought hit them. The truth is that none of us has been good enough or can be good enough to get to heaven on our own. Like Jose and Daniel we all need the forgiveness and life which is only found in Christ. After sharing the good news with them they told me that they would think about what I told them. Please pray for Jose and Daniel to come to a saving faith in Christ!

Javier, Paige, and Victoria were the next conversation of the night. They were very friendly and very attentive as we talked. They all said that they believed in God, but weren’t sure why (I took a page out of the Stan playbook and asked them “why do you believe in God? After they told me that they believed in God). We went through all 10 of the commandments and it showed them that they were in trouble and in need of God’s forgiveness. Please pray for these well spoken, kind, young people.

Frank, Judy, and Sue also had numerous conversations. Please pray for all of the people who they spoke with about the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ!

Thanks for reading and praying!

~The PIE Team

Friday, May 5th (2017)

This Friday night was a great night of sharing the Gospel at our local “fishing hole” the Tyler Mall. We started out with average pepperoni pizza from Little Caesars before praying, reading the Bible, and heading out for the night. Hope you enjoy reading about our encounters from this  night!

Diana, Adriana, and Hillary were the first 3 people we spoke with tonight. They all said that they didn’t have much of a religious background but that they still believed in a “higher power.” When asked if they believed they would go to heaven when they died they all replied “yes.” When I asked them what they based that belief on they all said “Because I do good things …and because I pray.” When I asked them if I could take them through the 10 commandments to see if they were as good as they claimed to be they all said “yes.” It didn’t take long for the law to do what it does – convict. They had lied, stolen, blasphemed, been angry/hated, and coveted. When I asked them if they would be innocent or guilty they said “guilty.” However, they still thought they were going to heaven because “God forgives.” After Stan said “so you didn’t tell those lies or steal those things?” they didn’t have an answer. It was at this point that we shared the Gospel with them. They seemed to be listening, but often you can’t tell outwardly what is happening on the inside. Pray that God would continue to send Christians into their lives to share the Truth with them, that they would read the Bible, and that they would go to a Bible teaching church to be taught what the Bible says.

Gabe and Marwa were the next two people who spoke with me. Gabe wasn’t sure where he stood in regards to whether or not he believed in God. Marwa was a practicing Muslim. Muslims believe in the prophet Moses and that the 10 commandments are valid laws for them to live by. Like everyone else on this planet, Marwa (and Gabe) had broken those laws by lying, stealing, blaspheming, committing adultery of the heart, being angry/hateful, and coveting what other people have. Gabe seemed to listen more intently than Marwa while I was sharing the Gospel message that Jesus died for their sins, was buried, and rose again on the 3rd day. They clearly heard that they must repent/believe in Christ for salvation. Please pray for them both!

Sometimes we have bad encounters when we approach people. Most people will either say “sure, we can talk” or “no thanks, not interested” (or something to those effects), but a guy was very put off by me approaching him and offering him a Gospel tract and asking him if we could talk. He yelled “666 mother fu–er” at me. I said “I’ll take that as a ‘no, I don’t  to talk” and went on my way. Please pray for that guy to repent and believe in Christ!

While this was happening Stan was speaking with an atheist and a professing Christian. He reported that the atheist had relented of their atheism, but was still unsure about which God was the correct one. After taking them through his worldview survey, sharing some basic facts about prophecy and archaeology, and sharing the Gospel he reported that it was a fruitful conversation. Please pray for these two people to come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ!

Dylan, Derrick, Tyler, and Kayley were the last group we spoke with on this night. Stan asked them if they knew if they died tonight whether they knew if they were going to heaven or to hell. They said they weren’t sure. After going through the 10 commandments with them it became clear to them that they had need of forgiveness and saving. Stan shared the Gospel truth that forgiveness is only found in Jesus Christ. They thanked him for speaking with them about these things. They were young, but really were respectful and listened to what he had to say. I hope that they turn to Christ and that we see them in heaven!

Thanks for reading!

~The PIE Team

Friday, April 28 (2017)

This Friday night was a pleasant evening. Though I was stricken with a severe cough and cold the Lord gave me strength and the PIE team strength to go out and spread the Good News tonight. Thank you, in advance, for reading and praying for the people mentioned in this write-up.

Our first talk of the night was with two young ladies named Destiny and Melissa. Both of them believed that they were good people and that if heaven was a real place that they would go there for sure. Stan used the laws of God to show them that they weren’t quite as good as they had previously thought and that they’d be in trouble on the day of judgment if they didn’t have Christ as their advocate to to deal with their sin problem. They listened intently and nodded frequently, but didn’t receive Christ as their Savior. Pray for them to stop putting off thinking about their eternal destination.

The next talk was truly a door that God opened for us. As I was walking I felt a tap on my shoulder. A young lady said “excuse me, you dropped your money.” I then thanked her and her friend for returning it to me. They didn’t realize that they had picked up a million dollar bill tract that had fallen out of my pocket. Esther and Jennifer told me that they didn’t really have a religious background, but that they believed in a higher power.  I asked them if they would consider themselves to be good people and they both laughed but then said “yeah, I guess so.” After they admitted to lying, stealing, blaspheming, cussing, jealousy, and anger I asked them if they would be innocent or guilty in God’s courtroom. They said “guilty” so I followed with the million dollar question – “Bearing in mind that you admitted you’d be guilty in His courtroom, where do you think God will send you when you stand in front of Him – heaven or hell?”They said “hell” but though they admitted that they were in danger they weren’t concerned about it.  Nevertheless I shared the Gospel with them. Pray for them to come to their senses!

Martin and Rubio were the next two guys who spoke with us. Stan took them through his worldview survey and showed them that they weren’t as good as they had assumed and that they were personally accountable to God. He challenged them to do their homework and that they couldn’t be good enough to get into heaven on their own (they had admitted to breaking nearly all of the 10 commandments).  They clearly heard that in order for their sins to be forgiven that they must repent/believe in the Gospel in order to be born again and enter heaven. Please pray for Martin and Rubio to come to faith in Christ!

Hayden, Gilbert, Carlos, and Brandon stopped to talk with us in the walkway upstairs. I handed them Star Wars Million dollar bills and they stopped to tell us that they liked them. The conversation was brief due to them having to go elsewhere, but we were able to talk about sin and their need for it to be forgiven through the forgiveness which is only found through Jesus Christ. Pray for them.

Michael, Kahn (Muslim) and Daniel (Jewish) – listened intently but weren’t planning on taking God up on His offer any time soon. They talked with Judy, so I don’t have all of the details. Please pray for them!

Thanks for reading and praying!

~The PIE Team

Friday, April 21 (2017)

When we arrived at church we weren’t able to be in the social hall due to a high school event, so we sat out in the courtyard eating our pizza, praying, talking about life events, and discussing world views before setting out for the night. We went to our local fishing hole – the Tyler Mall. It was a blessed night with a lot of great conversations. We pray that you are blessed and led to pray as you read.

The night got off to a great start. As I was waiting in front of the mall for Stan to arrive (the parking lot was fuller than normal) I saw three young men sitting on the wall talking. I decided to walk over and talk with them. The conversation went by fast, but it still had substance. They quickly answered my questions and listened as I shared the Gospel with them. They asked me where I go to church, so I was able to share that information with them. Pray for them to receive Christ and to come check our church out!

Daniel and Tony were the next conversation of the night. Stan approached them and handed them million dollar bills. They agreed to share their opinions about God with Stan and the conversation got started. Daniel told us that he was agnostic while Tony only stated that he had been raised Catholic.  After going through the law and the Gospel Tony admitted that death scared him and that he was having open heart surgery on Monday (which is now a few days in the past). Stan shared that he had also had a heart surgery (Stan had his heart replaced with a new heart several years back). I told Tony that our church would be praying for his surgery and recovery, but Stan did a good job of bringing back the truth that he needed trust in Christ and not put it off. Daniel seemed to listen intently, especially as Stan and Tony started talking about heart problems. Pray for their salvation!

Jay was the next guy that we talked with. We asked Jay if he had a religious background (he didn’t), if he considered himself to be a good person (he did), and if he thought he was headed for heaven when he died (he wasn’t sure). After going through a few of the 10 commandments, we shared the gospel with Jay. Please pray for Jay to take seriously the things of God and to trust in Christ for salvation.

As we walked down the aisle upstairs we saw a guy sitting on the same bench where we’d talked to 3 young ladies the week before. The man’s name was Jaime. He told us that he didn’t really have a religious background but that his “lady” did. After going through the 10 commandments, I asked him if  he would be innocent or guilty. He replied “guilty” and when I asked “heaven or hell?” he said “hell.” I asked him if that concerned him or not. He said “you can keep talking to me, but I’m never going to change.” Though he was unconcerned about his salvation he was pleasant enough in our conversation. I hope and pray that he sees his sin for what it is – rebellion against God. Jaime seemed like a nice guy, so I’m hopeful that God will do a miracle in his heart. Pray for Jaime!

As we were standing in a corner handing out tracts to people walking by, two young people turned around and came back for a second million dollar bill and to talk about what the tract said. We proceeded to have a great conversation talking about important topics like sin, judgment, and forgiveness. They both clearly heard that even though they’d sinned against God that He was willing to overlook their sin if they would turn to Jesus Christ for salvation. Jackie seemed as if she had truly put her faith in Jesus Christ at an earlier time, but Willis seemed to have “off” answers when we asked him how he thought people could get to heaven, etc…In any case, please keep these young people in your prayers! It was a great conversation!

Frank and Judy reported that they had talked to the following people: Jessie, Stephen, Ralph, Araceli, Jocelyn, and Travis.  Judy reported that Araceli and Jocelyn prayed to receive Christ. Praise God! Keep all of these people in your prayers!

Thanks for reading and praying!

~The PIE Team

Friday, April 14 (2017)

It was a warm Friday which meant that it was a good Friday for sharing the Gospel! The warmer weather brings more people out to places like the mall (which is primarily indoors – go figure). More people are out on the patio which means more witnessing opportunities!

Our first talk of the night was with four guys named Chris, Tiante, Robert, and Keyshawn. It seemed like Robert was twirling a pipe in his hand for smoking marijuana. They giggled and couldn’t answer me when I asked him what it was that he was twirling in his hand. Stan did a great job of getting the conversation back on track after that disturbance. They heard the law, the Gospel, and that they needed to make a choice while they were still alive. Stan told them that they couldn’t be good enough to get to heaven on their own and that they needed a personal faith in Jesus Christ so that when they died He would take their sins away. At the conclusion of the talk Tiante took a Bible. Please pray for these young men.

The next group we spoke with was Perla, Elisa, Kevin, and Frank. Kevin was the most outspoken at the outset of the conversation, proudly proclaiming his atheism. After going through the 10 commandments and discussing personal responsibility to God it seemed like Kevin had stopped pridefully proclaiming his atheism and started listening intently. They didn’t ask many questions or seem outwardly like they were close to believing the Gospel, but God knows what their minds were thinking in the moments during our conversation. I hope and pray that all four of them believe in the Lord Jesus Christ! Pray for them!

Denise and Briana were the next conversation. Stan took them through his worldview survey and shared the Gospel with them. I took a seat nearby while he was talking with them because I started coughing really bad and needed a drink of water. While I didn’t hear all of the details of this conversation I know that Stan takes people through his survey, asks them how they are going to get out of the trouble associated with being guilty in God’s courtroom, and then shares with them that God wants to make a deal with them – believe in His Son and when the day comes that they stand in front of God, Jesus will say that He knows the person and will take their sins away, so that they can look perfect (sinless) in God’s eyes and God will say to them “come on in, the party is about to get started.”

Veronica, Andrea, and Ariel were three young ladies who were seated on a bench near JC Penny when we talked with them. One of the ladies, Andrea deadpanned “I’m not a good person” and “I’m going to hell” when we go to those parts of the conversation. Most people don’t want to admit that they aren’t as good as they think in their heads or that they could ever be in trouble in God’s courtroom, but Andrea said this with surety in her voice. She listened intently as we shared the remedy with her that she could have her sins forgiven. The other two girls weren’t as talkative as her, but they listened intently also. Please pray for them all to repent and believe the Gospel!

Meanwhile on the other side of the mall Frank and Judy had been talking up a storm. The three conversations that stood out for them were with John, Nathaniel, and Liz. John and Nathaniel came from a Jewish background and had never considered Jesus as a viable Messiah. They shared the truth of God’s word with them and although it seemed to fall on deaf ears, you never know what is happening on the inside for someone. Liz heard the good news and prayed with Judy to receive Christ, right there on the spot! Pray for all 3, but especially pray for Liz as she starts her journey with Christ!

Thanks for reading and praying!

~The PIE Team

Friday, April 7 (2017)

This Friday got off to a tough start. Two of our members were sidelined before we even started. Frank had terrible leg pain after working in his yard during the day and Stan had a family matter to attend to that was unexpected. So it was just Judy and myself. We ate pizza, read from the Bible, prayed, and then headed out for the night.

Our first talk of the night was with two young folks named Lizzy and Dre. Lizzy and Dre came from a religious background, but weren’t sure how a person could get to heaven. They both said that being a good person would be a good way to try and get there.  When I asked them if they would consider themselves to be good people they hesitated but then said “yes.” I then asked them if they had kept the 10 commandments to which they replied “I don’t know.” So after going through a few of the commandments it came out that they had lied, stolen, blasphemed, coveted, and had anger issues. I asked them “If God judges you by the 10 commandments would you be innocent or guilty?” and they said “guilty.” So I then asked the million dollar question – would their destination be heaven or hell. They just sat there in silence, pondering the implications of their guilt. To break the silence I said “Well, I think that’s a hard question because logic says that if we are guilty, we aren’t going to get a good place but rather a bad place, BUT we desperately want their to be hope for forgiveness, a second chance, right?” They nodded and said “yeah.” It was at this time that I shared the Gospel with them, that Jesus died for their sins, was buried, and rose again on the third day. They then were told that God wants them to repent and believe in the Gospel. They asked a few questions and thanked me for talking with them. Please keep them in your prayers, it seemed like they were thisclose to coming to faith in Christ.

The next conversation was improbable but outstanding. As we were walking down one of the aisles on the upper level of the mall, handing out tracts, a young man named Nick (who we learned later has the real name of Eugene) took a tract from me and stopped to ask me to explain it to him. He had been raised in a religious household, but had never been told that he must be born again or personally receive Christ as Savior to go to heaven when he died. His family had merely given him simple religious traditions to follow. After going through the 10 commandments he said “I’m in trouble” so I asked him “does that concern you?” to which he replied “YES.” After sharing the gospel with him he asked me “what do I have to do?” So I told him “Repent and believe in the Lord Jesus and you’ll be saved. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins and to help change you into the person He wants you to be. Tell Him that you want Him to be your Savior.” He then prayed with me to receive Christ. I truly hope and pray that Nick was sincere. He seemed very genuine to me. I told him where our church was located, but it sounded like he either lives in San Bernardino or Colton based on how he was talking. Please keep Nick in your prayers!

We then talked with two young’ish people covered in tattoos. They looked like they were in their early 20s. They both said that they were good people and that they had no specific religion. After going through the 10 commandments and admitting their guilt in God’s courtroom they still didn’t seem all that concerned with their eternal destination. We did the best we could though to share with them that if they ever decided to care about God or spiritual things that the Gospel could save them. They were courteous even if they didn’t believe or care for what we were saying to them. Please keep them in your prayers.

Our last conversation of the night was with an older guy named John. It turned out that John was from a particular sect of Christianity known as the Aramaic Orthodox church. John contended that Jesus was not a Jew and was Aramaic, and that in the Aramaic Orthodox church they are the true church because they only speak the language of Jesus. Not knowing anything about this sect or their beliefs it was tough to navigate the conversation so we stuck to our basics. Faith in the Lord Jesus (His death, burial, and resurrection). It seemed like John was a member of a cult-like group, but we have no way of knowing. Saved or not-saved please keep him in your prayers.

Thanks for reading and praying!

~The PIE Team

Friday, March 31 (2017)

This Friday started out on a slow note at the Tyler Mall. After we ate our pizza, read the Bible, and prayed we headed over to our local fishing spot. It was a cold and windy evening. Not many people were on the patio where we love to talk with people. The Lord allowed us to have several conversations though, so I hope that you are led to pray for these people as you read their stories.

The first talk of the night started with three young ladies. Stan took them through his worldview survey and then showed them that they needed the forgiveness of Christ before sharing the Gospel. The young ladies, however, were not very receptive. They got a glazed over look in their eyes and began giving curt answers when Stan shared the Gospel with them. It’s always a bit sad in the moment when you don’t see enthusiasm for the greatest news we could get, but I know from past experience that they might just be putting up a facade to cover up their interest while in front of their friends. Friends can have a profoundly positive or negative impact on us as people. I pray that when these young ladies got alone that God brought the conversation back to their memories and that they will pull out and read their million dollar bills again. To my shame, I didn’t write down the names of the young ladies and then by the time I went to put the note in my phone I couldn’t remember their names. God knows their names though!

Gabriel, Jessica, Ronald, Isaiah, and Jonathon were our next conversation. I started by asking them the million dollar question “Will you go to heaven when you die?” They all said “yes.” I then asked them “What do you think someone would have to do to get to heaven?” This reveals a good amount about their faith or lack of it. Typical responses include things like “be a good person,” “Pray,” “Ask for forgiveness,” and I don’t know.” This group had “be a good person” and “I don’t know” as their answers. I found it alarming that they were confident of going to heaven but didn’t know why or thought that their own goodness would get them into heaven. We then went through a few of the 10 commandments. I asked them if they have ever lied, stolen, used God’s name in vain, or looked with lust. Like all of us they had broken a few of those commandments. I asked them “If God were to judge you by His commandments would you be innocent or guilty? If your guilty do you think He’d still let you into heaven? Or do you think He’d send you to hell?” The answers were mixed. Some still thought heaven while others said they were in trouble. After using a short analogy of a person who had gotten a speeding ticket to show that if we break laws that we have a fine to pay to show that all of them had a fine that needed payment, I shared the Gospel with them and let them know that if they repented and believed in the Gospel that Jesus would pay their fine for them. They broke the law, but Jesus paid their fine in His life’s blood. They seemed mildly receptive, but none of them seemed like they were ready to receive Christ as Savior. That being said, I can only make observations based on answers and body language. Only God knows what was truly happening in their hearts. Pray for them!

Every once in a while we run into a person who doesn’t speak English. In this case I approached a man named Humberto to see if he would talk about God and his view of God. I quickly learned that Humberto only speaks a little bit of English (Spanish is his first language). I then took out my phone and fired up the Good Person Video in Spanish from the Living Waters YouTube Channel. He watched the whole video and said “thank you” after watching it. Please keep Humberto in your prayers. Though we couldn’t converse praise God for technology that allowed us to share the Gospel with him.

The next guy we talked to was named Gio. He was an extremely friendly guy, but had some weird views. He was the type that views everything as valid. He didn’t want to judge other people’s beliefs. When Stan reminded him that atheists and theists couldn’t both be right, because either God exists or He doesn’t he kind of shrugged his shoulders. Nevertheless we pressed forward with the conversation. Gio admitted to being a lying, thieving, blasphemous, adulterer at heart and that he would be guilty on judgment day. Like a few guys from the previous conversation he didn’t seem overly concerned about it though. We shared the Gospel with him and he seemed to be listening, but not listening if you know what I mean. Pray for Gio.

Thanks for reading about our adventures in sharing the Gospel from this Friday night. Pray for all who heard or received Gospel Tracts from us that we would see them in heaven one day!

~The PIE Team